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Twila Brase On The ACA

Watch this. Twila Brase gives no hype. Simply logical and well reasoned observations of the what has become of our health care system, privacy, where it is going, what you can do, and what to expect. Well worth the 30…

Yes It Is A Tax

So the big lie is revealed.

All of the posturing on what the ACA (AKA Obamacare) truly represents, it comes down to the single largest tax increase on ordinary Americans in history.

To be sure, this November now becomes a focus throughout the nation with one goal clearly stated:

We have a tax repeal effort to attend to.

The Great Health Care Bluff

Folks watching the slow motion train wreck known as the health care bill have been wondering if along the way to becoming law, had that congress lost its institutional mind?  In three thousand pages of legislation, the physician flogging, pharmaceutical…

Work To Do

We have much work to do on fixing what is truly wrong in this country. While collecting signatures for the Michigan Health Care Freedom ballot initiative, we came across many who either support the government run health care boondoggle, or…