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A Really Big Water Park

If one ever wanted to look at how we are preparing our young adults for life, there is a way. Just watch for the news. The women, all in their 20s, had never been tubing before and decided it would…

Earthquake Stunt Too Much – Even For SRY

Reposted from RightMi.Com Safe Roads Yes has reached a point of desperation in its failing effort of selling higher taxes, that has driven it to geological interference. What better way to sell the bad roads deal in the eleventh hour…

Yer Benishek Is Broken!

(Reposted from This is a brilliant take on the auto mechanic’s trade. A funny way to approach the 1st district congressional contest. Well done Alan! Ey?

Tis The Season

Nothing like a little competitive discourse to open up the creative “right mind”. The guy who runs this organization is as anti conservative tea party as it gets.  Making comparisons to the federalist papers so his crony buddies can get…

Random Thursday

Just because I feel like it, and because Michigan has its share of this insanity.