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Our own, your own, etc.. Please feel free to submit your own artwork, and feel free to use our own for use of discouraging the tax and spenditis we must always fight.

The Crook

Is what this William Warren cartoon is titled. I would add, Liar, Cheat, Tyrant, Racist, Worst President Ever, and a few others.  

Cartoon – Papers Please

The first amendment has been under attack for some time.  However, there seems to be a new way to address those pesky bloggers and others who demand transparency from government. And tell me that its not coincidental that we have…

A Look Into The Future Of Elections

One has to wonder what the future of politics in Michigan holds for us. Imagine if one of our local clerks was to look into the future and produce a ballot that is Pure Michigan. It might look like this.…

The Ammunition Of The Left

Progressives, in an attempt to destroy Christianity, and promote their version of secular humanism and advancement of perverse lifestyles often resort to name calling. Words such as Bigot, Homophobe, Hate monger, etc, fly easily from those who are the advance…

Exhibit A

  SNL in its opening skit on Saturday had its Obama saying he didn’t understand how money works. The funniest moments in comedy are those so closely aligned with the truth. Enjoy. (From Netright daily)    

New Signs Near Schools

Now that its clearly off limits for our school employees to be able to defend themselves, perhaps we consider a change out of the existing school zone signs to ones that more accurately reflect the attitude of government. Far better…


As incredible as it is, we have done the unthinkable to ourselves.