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Newt Gingrich Exclusive Photo

I thought it might be interesting to offer an abstract pictorial analysis of Newt Gingrich after watching his opportunistic instincts at their peak. I couldn’t help but notice this skilled politico had sniffed out the impending downfall of the man…

Paul Ad Destroys Gingrich

Until I have a reason to drop my support for Herman Cain, its full speed ahead.

In the meantime, I am seeing what I think is a shift of SOME CAIN followers to the Gingrich camp. Hold up there allies! Just take a look at this video put out by the Ron Paul campaign.

Herman Cain In Traverse City – The Movie

The next President of the United States of America visited the northern reaches November 10, 2011. I didn’t have much of a write up on it before, but the crowd of 1200+ folks who showed demonstrated the draw of this…

Video Response To Michelle Malkin

Sorry Michelle, this time I disagree.

I am willing to give latitude to any of the Republican Primary candidates on minor gaffs, as any one of them are not running for Jesus.  And I don’t get the sling on Cain that you have thrown, especially given the absolute nothingness of content in your post.  Bought off?  Confused? Major life change? What’s up?

Usually your biggest fan, but on Cain we part ways.  I realize there are those on every political perspective who fail to self consider, and you will likely move a few in the direction of your opinion, but after the downgrade in support particularly after the man has been beat over the head with false accusations, I feel respect for your opinion slipping away.

I hope this video gives you a little to think on.

Michelle, know the difference between politician and problem solvers.

Smoke Em If You Got Em.

In an unbelievably brilliant move, this Cain 2012 clip goes beyond convention, and features something you will likely have never seen.  Smoking in a campaign ad.

The politically correct among us are already apoplectic with the fact this conservative candidate has the wherewithal to beat the Milquetoast Romney.  Now that a staffer lights up in a representation of support they are sure to pop a few breakers.  This video has gone viral like no other, and makes me want to look in the coat pockets for another $25 to keep it going.  H/T CS at RightMichigan.com

Herman Cain Imperfect But a Good Man

Re-posted From Rightmichigan.com Much is being made over the apparent switch from for to against, with regard to abortion.  Pundits either neutral, or against the candidacy of Herman Cain are picking away at whatever mistakes they can find.  Be it…

“0-0-0-11-0” Plan Proposed

(Tuesday, October 18, Kalamazoo, Michigan) – Herman Cain wisely perceived the “bumper sticker mentality” of many American voters much better than did the FairTax folks with his catchy “9-9-9” Plan to catch the attention of inattentive voters. Herman says his…