Smoke Em If You Got Em.

In an unbelievably brilliant move, this Cain 2012 clip goes beyond convention, and features something you will likely have never seen.  Smoking in a campaign ad.

The politically correct among us are already apoplectic with the fact this conservative candidate has the wherewithal to beat the Milquetoast Romney.  Now that a staffer lights up in a representation of support they are sure to pop a few breakers.  This video has gone viral like no other, and makes me want to look in the coat pockets for another $25 to keep it going.  H/T CS at

1 comment for “Smoke Em If You Got Em.

  1. Roug
    October 25, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    We have long know what first and second hand smoke are. We learned a few years ago that third hand smoke is the smoky smell that permeates vacant hotel rooms and old carpets that are subjected to years of smoking. Having learned this I deduced on my own that fourth hand smoke must be contained within the lint catchers that dry clothes worn the night before at a smoky tavern. Now, thanks to you Jason, I’ve learned that fifth hand smoke is the damaging broadcast image of a smoker inhaling. THE EYES…THEY BURN!

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