Month: October 2011

Economic Development FAIL

Regular readers would recall that I have often argued against all forms of welfare, whether to capable individuals or corporate entities.  In fact, upon review of the OWS videos posted in the last week, you might find that I agree…

Problem Reaction Solution

Hegelian dialectic. Google it.

I don’t doubt the sincerity of many of the OWS protesters. They know something is wrong, and seeing a well publicized movement they can attach themselves to, it makes sense that they would stand up and say so.

Unfortunately, many do not understand the cause of what it is that afflicts them, their friends, and the nation as a whole. They see corruption and cronyism as the problem, but do not understand that these are merely the symptoms of a greater, unrecognized problem.

Greater government involvement in your affairs both in business and personally.

This video was designed to reach out and try to catch a few of the critical thinkers who might actually be trying to understand what the hell is going on. To catch them before they fall into a trap of thinking revolution is an answer.

Kalkaska Prosecutor Appeals Recall

Not about to allow his recall remain unchallenged, Kalkaska county Prosecutor Brian Donnelly is seeking to have the recall language invalidated. From a release today: Kalkaska, Michigan October 26th, 2011  – Kalkaska County Prosecuting Attorney Brian Donnelly has appealed the…

Smoke Em If You Got Em.

In an unbelievably brilliant move, this Cain 2012 clip goes beyond convention, and features something you will likely have never seen.  Smoking in a campaign ad.

The politically correct among us are already apoplectic with the fact this conservative candidate has the wherewithal to beat the Milquetoast Romney.  Now that a staffer lights up in a representation of support they are sure to pop a few breakers.  This video has gone viral like no other, and makes me want to look in the coat pockets for another $25 to keep it going.  H/T CS at

Herman Cain Imperfect But a Good Man

Re-posted From Much is being made over the apparent switch from for to against, with regard to abortion.  Pundits either neutral, or against the candidacy of Herman Cain are picking away at whatever mistakes they can find.  Be it…

Who Says The Tea Party Is Disciplined?

From the Sam Adams Alliance blog:   October 21, 2011 Who says the Tea Party is ‘disciplined’? By Alan Pell Crawford Todd Gitlin, a former president of Students for a Democratic Society and one of the last genuine New Left…

Occupy Traverse City Part Two

This is the second installment from the Traverse City October 22, 2011 Occupy event downtown Traverse City, Michigan. This is also posted at

A little truer to the suspected ideological participation, this Kucinich supporter (a last thing he mentioned after the camera was off) might better fit the framing of what OWS is. However, each of the folks I spoke to were not unreasonable, and this particular man was a little more concerned about being careful who he talks to, probably to avoid being misrepresented. I can respect that.

This event by the way, was promoted through an email blast by the local Democrat party.

Occupy Traverse City Part One

From the Traverse City October 22, 2011 Occupy event downtown Traverse City, Michigan.

Not all is as it seems, and there are different components to the OWS movement. Though I am not comfortable with the fist symbolism often attributed to the OWS movement which seems to relate it well to a redistribution movement, I felt it would be important to let the words of those involved be heard to see if all of them might support that type of political structure.

This one might surprise you. It is part One of three.

Kalkaska Saga Continues

We had mentioned before that the Kalkaska County Prosecutor was himself facing a recall after attempting to get four of the commissioners on recall ballots through some arrangement with the local Democrat party.  The recall, which is actually being brought…