The Voice Of Summer Is Gone

Whether you played, were a fan or merely knew of the Detroit Tigers, it was unlikely you could hear a Tigers game and not recognize the Voice of Ernie Harwell.

For my entire life, summer has been mixed with the occasional Detroit baseball game in the background while painting, doing yard work, or even during a leisurely drive through the Michigan countryside for no particular reason.  A Win or a  loss, something could be said for the comforting sound of Harwell’s voice during Detroit’s rendition of America’s pastime. Perhaps it was the nostalgic feeling of warm breezes from years ago, or maybe just the comfort from knowing things can be the same for such a long time, maybe in a way you wear an old comfortable hat.

Whatever it was, it seems it is time to move on. the “voice of summer,” Ernie Harwell passed away tonight at the age of 92 at his Home in Novi.

God bless and keep him. Our prayers go out to Lulu, his wife of 68 years.

Ernie Harwell Rest in Peace.

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