Throwing a bone

to the spammers?

If you have ever hosted a blog, and dealt with the bot generated spam, you will understand why I would normally be disinclined to encourage more of the same.  All spam replies hit the trash no matter how clever.

However..   I have a soft spot for ingenuity applied to SEO (Search Engine Optimization – I know, I know.. this will get me a great deal of spam by simply using that term) efforts.  It can be found when the effort actually has something of USE.

I received the following email:

Hi ,

My name is Carol from “Online”. We wanted to let you know that we featured your blog in one of our recent articles on our own blog. (Top 25 Tea Party Bloggers), is linked below and could be a fun way to share this announcement with your readers.

Thanks again for your time, and keep up the good work!

Carol Brown

The link is clean..  The site is obviously a generator of traffic for ad revenue.  BUT..  clicking on the blog button at the top reveals a great deal of work done by the owner of the site in finding blogs and groups and a wide array of miscellany that might be of interest to our readers.

Of course my interest was sparked by the Tea Party references, which is a major focus right now.

I hope you can find something of interest.

1 comment for “Throwing a bone

  1. May 6, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    It seemed like an invite to me…. I’ve created a facebook page for Michigan small business owner looking to improve traffic to their websites. I don’t think people realise how powerful the web is in breaking entrepreneurs free of harsh local economic conditions in Michigan. If your a small business owner and you can ship your product, deliver a digital service or do consulting work the Interent can mean recession over… for you. But think about this too, the money you bring from outside Michigan or the US is one sure way to grow economy. Economy is more about the movement of money and more money means more potential movement.


    All the Best In 2010

    Great Blog.

    Joe @ Mi SEO

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