Attention Michigan restaurant and bar owners

I would just like to put it out there that to the best of my abilities, I will travel and patronize any restaurant or bar that disregards the smoking ban and allows it’s patrons to light up.

Disregarding the smoking ban has already been happening in Ohio. Not only are a bunch of limp wristed busybodies hell bent on screwing over property rights making a list, but even some business have flat out defied the fines:

Bill Delaney got his first violation on May 4. Since then, he has been issued another 54 tickets at Delaney’s Lounge in Toledo.

The 68-year-old, non-smoking, non-drinking Tea Party member hasn’t paid a dime and proudly defies the ban, placing big glass ashtrays across the bar and on every table, and even putting a sign in his front window: “This is a smoking establishment.”

I can only hope Michigan proprietors will follow suit.

And like I said – I will attempt to travel to and patronize any establishment (road trip, anyone?) that allows people to light up in their place of business.

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