An Open Letter To Michigan Senator Carl Levin

Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Julio Huertas and Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class Jonathan Keefe are scheduled for a trial in April.   Presumably, the trial is being held in Iraq because the man who accuses them is in Iraq, and it is tendered that they will then have the opportunity to question their accuser, the murderer/terrorist/animal Ahmed Hashim Abed.

The trials of these two, as well as a third Navy Seal stem from “rough handling” during the capture of terrorists.  All three SEALs are charged with dereliction of duty and making false official statements.  The charges are based on statements by those terrorists.

Should I repeat that?

The charges are based on statements by those terrorists.

Sir, while I respect your office and your current position as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I feel it is time for you to step aside if you can ignore the ramifications of allowing such a trial to happen.  Our military might and the unity of the troops depend on it.

These men perform some of the most important duties required for the safety of our nation and those Americans working abroad.  They are HEROES for their ability to track down and capture the animals who flayed and displayed the workers who hung from the bridge in Iraq, an incident of demoralizing effect.

Sir, if this trial is allowed to go on as scheduled, then my next suggestion goes the the finest men and women who are placed in the line of fire worldwide on our behalf.  “leave no suspect alive” Perhaps your internationalist apologist sentiment would object to that.

MR Levin, For allowing this to go on, you bear the mark of cowardice, and demonstrate the inability to be trusted with decisions regarding our defending and military forces.  If you cannot at least offer some fatherly advice to our militarily retarded POTUS with regard to his generals handling of this matter, perhaps you do not understand what it means to hold the post you do. perhaps it is time for you to resign the post as chair.

Please do so.

Jason Gillman
Traverse City, MI

PS: You or your office persons read these entries sir.  I know this based on the IP addresses which appear in my logs.  Feel free to reply, and the reply will be automatically posted.  What say you?

Update —

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