Its not about Michigan.. Or is it?

60 seats in the US Senate, occupied by those who bear the mark of the Jackass.

60 Senators who assume a great number of things, one of those things being that you have no clue what is best for you.

The idea of “gridlock” in the legislative process sends the left into a tizzy as it is so incredibly close to a complete and irreversible takeover of our political process.  They NEED to keep that 60th seat…

Enter Scott Brown.

Currently carrying a (‘statistical tie’) 4 point lead in the newest polling, Massachusetts state senator Scott Brown has raised eyebrows and reinforced the belief that Democrats are likely going to be taking a a drubbing this November. Whether or not that is the case, one thing to be sure is that as a result of Brown advertising he would be the 41st vote with an ability to STOP the current mess the senate is promoting via its health care takeover plan.

The poll taken demonstrates even the bluest of states showing an unwillingness to socialize medicine to such a degree that it is unworkable.

The survey of 500 registered Massachusetts voters was conducted in a three-day span ending Wednesday, when Brown enjoyed a surge after being widely seen as beating Coakley in their final debate on Monday. The question surrounding it and a number of recent surveys was whether the group sampled accurately reflected the likely field of voters Tuesday.

As go so many federal issues while the government ignores the 9th, and 10th amendments, it does indeed affect Michigan, as it affects all states.  The firewall holding out the current constitutional contempt has been down since the seating of the 60th Democrat senator, comedian Al Franken.  Brown’s victory would be a necessary back burn to stop the raging inferno that is Washington from destroying what is left of our health care freedoms.

Further, a Brown Victory demonstrates the reality that Americans who have remained silent in the face of an encroaching socialist agenda have had quite enough.  Massachusetts is hardly the bastion of “conservative” thought or action, and the seat which he would fill being occupied by the highly popular Kennedy family for 50 or so years means the people of the state may well have had an epiphany.

Recent heavy spending by the SEIU, and other unions along with the DSSC, and other leftist front groups has been matched quite well by small donations brought in to Brown’s campaign.  Malkin and others are reporting over a $1,000,000.00 a day being raised by the Republican and showing a major difference for it.

Well, this sure takes some of the sting out of that thorough waste of national GOP money dumped into Big Labor Republican Dede Scozzafava’s NY-23 bid!

Who needs Beltway Republicans to decide where best to send money? Do. It. Yourself.

Indeed .. Do it yourself..  If ever a Massachusetts race could affect Michigan it is now.


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