Day: January 7, 2010

§ 10 Limitations on terms of office of members of the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate from Michigan.

In our State Constitution.  Clearly instruction was given to our sitting senator Carl Levin.. He just didn’t quite get the hint.  Of course nothing new with the miscreant who ignores the will of the people for his political interests. OF…

A very long and scary movie.. With Blood Sucking Vampires!

This one started a year ago.  I had done this in an uncomfortable anticipation of what the country was about to be subjected to. To be brutally frank, I did not expect it to be as bad.  Spending in the…

Central Michigan Beats Troy U!!!

GMAC Bowl in 2nd overtime Hard fought game that could have gone either way easily.. CMU 44 Troy 41 Whoo Hoo!! And a congratulations to the interim head coach Steve Stripling.  A fine way to end a great season. .