A very long and scary movie.. With Blood Sucking Vampires!

This one started a year ago.  I had done this in an uncomfortable anticipation of what the country was about to be subjected to. To be brutally frank, I did not expect it to be as bad.  Spending in the traditional sense I disagree with, but this utter thievery of our liberties, by an out of control congress, and its leader Barack Obama is reprehensible.

I had linked to Michelle Malkin before with this artwork ..  and Apparently its a good time once again.

“Tell Washington and blinky Nancy: Let the cameras in. Take action and sign the petition here.”

Malkin alludes to the recent C-Span promises of the Liar In Chief. Where he indicated openess and said all discussions would be out in the open.

But as we all know they are hiding the details of the healthcare boondoggle conference behind closed doors, where the top secret experiments are and the monster is being created.

Truly a “Frankenstein” monster the bill is, but one crafted by far more than a single villain.  Many legislators have gone so far they have become zombies with no predictable course.

The problem with this movie is we are all strapped to our chairs and the 3d glasses are super glued to our skulls.  This is nightmare causing stuff folks.

Hang on to your wallet, grab your crosses, cradle your rosaries, and pray we make it to November.

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  1. Bruce Barlond
    January 10, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    Health Care Takeover!
    President Obama along with Democrats in Congress, the Senate, Governors Mansions, and State legislatures all across the country want to entrust our healthcare to Washington bureaucrats. After full implementation their plan will cost at least 1/2 Trillion dollars a year in taxes paid by working Americans or what is left of working Americans ($6752 a year for a family of 4) plus that families direct cost for insurance after the Democrat plan commences.
    After some study and careful thought I found the following savings that would make health insurance and health care much more affordable for the American public.
    Congress and President Obama, do this instead:
    Eliminate the fraud in Medicare and save +- $80 Billion in healthcare costs.
    Eliminate the fraud in Medicaid and save +- $100 Billion in healthcare costs.
    Send the illegal immigrants home and save +-$11 Billion in healthcare costs.
    Get illegal drugs out of the U.S. and save +- $40 Billion in healthcare costs.
    Limit medical malpractice lawsuits and save +- $92 Billion in healthcare costs.
    Doing so could save Americans +- $323 Billion each year.
    This savings equals +- $1077 for each American (man, woman, child) each year.
    A Family of 4 could save +- $4,308 each year in health care cost.
    In addition to these savings each American taxpayer would save an additional amount in tax savings as a result of the savings incurred from the savings to each Medicare/Medicaid recipient.
    The above savings do not take into account savings to insurance companies if they were allowed to sell health insurance freely across state lines.
    Hospitals could also post that hospitals “cost for procedures” on the internet, those prices could be used by patients “shopping” for that procedure.
    These are savings I can believe in without having to depend on these Democrats for our healthcare.
    There are other things that Federal, State and local legislators could do that would save Americans big money on our health care without these Democrats destroying the world’s best health care system!
    Why are these Democrats trying to make us more dependent on them?
    Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t need or want Washington taking care of us! We need Washington to get out of our way!

    Bruce Barlond

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