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Petoskey Michigan Tea Party September 6, 2009 – With JOE!

A taxpayer rally is happening in Northern Michigan, with “Joe the Plumber”and others! Labor Day Weekend Sunday, Sept. 6th- Petoskey Pennsylvania Park Time Music at 5 p.m., Speakers at 6 p.m. Committed to appear so far: Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher…

Tea Parties Growing!

Malkin talks of Cleveland.. today. Also from (originally?) Instapundit.. Will the media pick it up? Today thousands in OHIO..  In one month Lansing Michigan.. Details to follow.

Teaparty – Lansing… (To be updated for 3 days)

The Lansing Teaparty was a GREAT event!! Thanks to Joanie and Wendy (pictured below) Officials expected 50…  Officials corrected themselves when approx 300 showed up.  Just a couple of photos culled from many taken.  I had a little surprise after…