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Gun Control Works

Worth passing around a few times. I am not so sure about the “western Expansion” statement. However, the atrocities that coincide with growth of government power over its people is undeniable.


I have a soft spot for AFP. Having been involved in a few of their efforts and cheering on others, I find that AFP speaks to my values most often.  Its good to see the type of activism shown in…

Inspiring Speech By Morehouse Student

The Herman Cain emails I receive each day can be inspiring. Today’s included a speech by a student at Morehouse College.  Opening with a mention of his devoted mother, Mark A Smith II continues on why he is a Republican…

Timeless Truth Told Nearly 50 Years Ago

Paul Harvey reached nearly everyone. We lost a national treasure in 2009, and someone who was more equipped for speaking to truth than any other pundit alive today.  Listen to the entire 12 minutes and pass it along.

AFP Minimum Wage Graphics Truth

AFP Michigan has produced some graphics to illustrate the result of raising the minimum wage. If you click on the graphics, it will take you to their “Send a message” page. The bottom line?  A higher minimum wage will result…

Cruz Asks Holder To Assign Special Prosecutor

Senator Ted Cruz reminds Attorney General Eric Holder that other administrations have done so to preserve the integrity of the office. Of course, Holder could not possibly put his own freedom at risk by assigning a special independent prosecutor, right?…

Is Phil Robertson A Prophet?

Pastor Daniel LeCouteur asks this question with a recent forum submission to the Traverse City Record Eagle. Given they will not likely print it, I am making it available here by permission. Is Phil Robertson A Prophet? The question might…

Is the Press MIA?

A rightly indignant Trey Gowdy asks the questions of the press that none of Michigan’s congressional contingent seems willing to do.