Inspiring Speech By Morehouse Student

The Herman Cain emails I receive each day can be inspiring.

Today’s included a speech by a student at Morehouse College.  Opening with a mention of his devoted mother, Mark A Smith II continues on why he is a Republican and expounds on what makes this country great.


We were founded as the party to free people, the party to protect civil rights, the party to fight for human life and the party to fight for educational rights.

The people’s party is the party that believes in empowering individuals and communities. Not giving more power to the government. When we give more power to the people, we see businesses sprout and living conditions improve. When we give more power to the government, children are trapped in schools based on their zip codes. When we give more power to the people, minority and women owned businesses will be able to flourish again without excessive government regulations that put them at a disadvantage. When we give more power to the government, they sell communities out for bigger businesses and larger tax payer paid stadiums relocating churches and displacing community residents.

The people’s party does not support low taxes just for the heck of it or because we want to bankrupt the government. We support lower taxes, for everyone, because people deserve to keep more of their hard earned money than to turn it over to a government who has no respect to spend it responsibly.

The people’s party does not support school choice and vouchers because we want to see public schools fail. No, we want all educational avenues to succeed but we want parents to have the right and opportunity to decide the best way for their child to flourish, not a teacher union. “

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