Month: February 2012

Vote For ME Because I AM BLACK

Could ANYONE imagine Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum announcing the “European Caucasions for [insert name here]”?


Way to divide Mr President.

Meet Rick Santorum in Macomb County Friday!

MICHIGAN FAITH & FREEDOM COALITION ROAD TO VICTORY RALLY ’12 —Featuring— SENATOR RICK SANTORUM Fighting for Faith, Family & Freedom Friday, February 17th Doors open – 10:30 AM Rally begins – 11:15 AM Complimentary event, bring friends & cameras THE…

Waiting List Read

Parents, Students Read Names of Thousands of Students on Cyber Charter Waiting List, Ask Lawmakers to Expand School Choice Families Encourage House to Pass Senate Bill 619, Expand Educational Opportunities for Thousands of Students on Cyber Charter Waiting List LANSING—As…