Press Release: Parents, Students Unveil Websites to Tell Their Stories

An interesting use of Domain names for a cause; Choice, specifically cyber school options.


Families Encourage Lawmakers to Pass Senate Bill 619, Expand Educational Opportunities for 10,000 Students Wanting to Enroll in Cyber Public Charter Schools

LANSING—Today, the Michigan Chapter of the National Coalition for Public School Options unveiled a series of websites demonstrating the impact that public cyber schools have made on Michigan students. Each of the websites appeals to a family’s State Representative to vote for Senate Bill 619.

SB 619 is a bill pending before the Michigan House of Representatives that would remove the limit on the number of students that can attend online public schools. Right now thousands of Michigan students are seeking but being denied that opportunity. Their reasons range from a desire for customized curriculum or personal access to a Michigan-certified teacher, to safety from bullying and the flexibility to speed ahead or slow down to ensure comprehension.

In one such website, Deanne T. of Macomb, writes to Representative Ken Goike:  “My daughter Majestic suffers from a medical condition that is not being accommodated by her current public school.  Due to her disorder, she is nearly failing, despite the fact that she was a former honor student, and suffers daily from the taunting and teasing of her fellow classmates.  To receive the flexibility needed to complete her studies while receiving the care she needs, she is on the waitlist to attend an online public school.”

Majestic’s story can be found on the website

Additional student stories and websites can found at:

More information can be found at


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