Republican Robo Calling Needs To END

I work very hard.

When I leave the office, I transfer the phones to my cell, so that I may help customers with technical issues. Fortunately those calls are few, and my evening is relatively quiet. And when I do not have other responsibilities, I selfishly like to relax in the easy chair, and sometimes even take a nap before writing, or catching up on the day’s events. Quiet, relaxed, and stress free.

Until electioneering season.

And the establishment Republicans become the most evil sons of &#^%*$ I will ever know. (they seem to be the biggest abusers of this) They have some idea that calling people at and around dinner time will engender wonderful feelings of support. If I am not answering, my wife is, and THEN I get to listen to HER about the call, and the 8-10 more that came earlier. To make it worse, they use automated systems that call every 5 minutes so that you remember whom they are.

Don’t worry, I will never forget. And frankly, I will remember to NEVER vote for those who use this type of advertising.


And I’ll bet I am not alone.

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