Rep Walberg Responds To Administration’s Rejection Of Keystone Pipeline

Washington, DC–  Rep. Walberg made the following comment after the Obama Administration denied the application for construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline:


“President Obama’s decision to deny construction of the Keystone Pipeline stands in the way of numerous “shovel ready” jobs and paves the way for oil to flow into China instead of the United States.  For the president to support a trillion dollar government spending stimulus, but to reject private sector job creation is a slap in the face to Americans looking for work, and his keeping America dependent on Iran and Venezuela for oil is a threat to our national security.”


The Keystone Pipeline Project would have extended an existing energy supply pipeline between Canada and the United States by another 1,700 miles.  When completed, it was expected to carry 1.4 million barrels of oil each day to refineries in the U.S—expanding our energy supply as well as reducing our dependence on foreign oil.   It was also projected to create 20,000 jobs immediately with more than a hundred thousand within the next several years.

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