Happy Thanksgiving

Sometimes it may seem that as hard as we try, we have trouble getting ahead, or perhaps even getting caught up.  The economy has been hard on many of us.

As my wife and I examine what used to be a higher income, a position that afforded us a couple extra nights out and maybe an opportunity for escape from the daily grind, we see that there is more than the perks of wealth available to us.

We are not hungry.  Yet we must work a little harder to keep the roof over our heads.  Family is even more important, and humility paramount.  It is harder, yet it is not hardship.

Because we continue to strive.  Because we believe there can be better days for all, and we continue to work toward that end.  We will persevere, and in doing so will maintain the faith that what we NEED is always before us, with us, and available.  For as hard as we work, none of what we have would be available but for the grace of God.

Our faith can provide much that our hands cannot.

And we give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving folks.

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