Support Your Local Charities

I cannot tell you how important it is to step back and take a moment to appreciate the great work done by responsible organizations in the name of humanity.

As you all know, I prefer to see charitable needs handled by the families, organizations with ties to those served,  and those closest to the needy directly.  Its always been my view that the government handling of welfare needs is seldom efficient and tends to promote and exaggerate problems in our communities by building a dependent class that eventually forgets the way out of despair.  The truly needy then become a sideline rather than the focus to such efforts.

Today I had the opportunity to give the last three dollars cash in my wallet to a truly good cause; the Rotary Handicap Committee.  I realize my small contribution may not raise any eyebrows, but hopefully it, along with hundreds like it will contribute to better lives for those who are unable to provide for their own needs directly and rely on the benevolent intent of others.

My contribution hurt no one.  It makes no one weaker in their ability to provide for themselves, and it levies no alternative expense on those who wish not to provide the assistance.

Yours can too.

And choose your charity wisely.  I did.

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