Day: June 23, 2011

The Truth Is Worth Defending For Its Own Sake

Great story, and equally great message. Sadly, the Catholics have tolerated those who advocate the killing of the unborn ala Ted Kennedy, Pelosi, etc. To invite the prince of baby killers Barack Obama to speak at the commencement in Notre Dame alone was beyond disappointing.

The truth is indeed worth defending however. And I am not sure if Carl Levin would know it if he saw it.

If anyone wonders why I plow forward with my objectives with little regard to the popularity I lose temporarily, this is the explanation. Whether it is abortion, loss of liberties, or simply a different path I would take to find solutions to the problems of the day, I am following only what I see as what is right.

It has cost great amounts monetarily, occupies nearly all of what would be my free time, but is highly rewarding.