Month: May 2011

Michigan Education Financial Comparison?

Center Study Compares Financial Data for Michigan’s Urban, Suburban, Town and Rural School Districts Study analyzes revenue and operational spending for all Michigan school districts during seven-year period, ‘may call a few conventional notions into question,’ says study’s author MIDLAND…

Memorial Day 2011

Something to remind how we are even able to have the dialogue that we enjoy.  We honor our treasure, our fallen.  

Indiana Fights Back

The 4th amendment is not negotiable. God bless those Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians in Indiana who are willing to stand up to creeping totalitarianism.

Police need to be able to do their jobs, but they must do so legally.

Michigan Legislative Activity

Introduced HB 4684 of 2011 Recreation; trails; use of certain trails by pack and saddle animals; provide for. Amends secs. 504, 72101, 72102, 72110a, 72114 & 72115 of 1994 PA 451 (MCL 324.504 et seq.).  Clean up of trail use…

End The NLRB

Michigan’s condition is as closely related to the successful extortion by labor through government as it is to tax policy.   Tell the NLRB to stay out of BOEING’s affairs or disband.  

Herman Cain Officially Declares Candidacy!

It is ON Folks!! Herman Cain former CEO, and savior of Godfathers Pizza announced today he would be staking his fortune, his livelihood, and his time in an effort to restore decency to the office of the president of the…

Right To Work Recognized As Necessary

I am glad some appropriate observations are being made with regard to Michigan’s position nationally. Mr Nolan Finley, your words in today’s column could not ring truer. Michigan does need to step it up even more.  It needs to be…

Back In The Saddle Again

Kathy Hoekstra is rustling up a few more guests for the Frank Beckmann show today on WJR. Some of the guests will include Mike Reno,  Linda Jolicoeur, with the Michigan Fair Tax Association, and past president of the NAWBO National…

A Side Note Of Support

I support the new Michigan tax plan.   More on this over at The catalyst needed to bring me over was merely a more complete picture of where we are as a state, and the options we have had before…