Herman Cain Officially Declares Candidacy!

It is ON Folks!!

Herman Cain former CEO, and savior of Godfathers Pizza announced today he would be staking his fortune, his livelihood, and his time in an effort to restore decency to the office of the president of the United states.

“After prayerful consideration with my family and closest friends, I have decided to seek the Republican nomination for president of the United States. I look forward to continuing my travels across the country, engaging in discussions with the American people about the concerns facing our nation and sharing my ‘common sense solutions’ with them.”

Going forward with this run places Cain among several other contenders hoping to take advantage of the weak presidency of Barack Obama and his (Obama’s) push toward a socialist totalitarianism.  Cain’s message of returning to the constitution is one shared by so many in the tea party movement and those true conservatives who have been wondering what the hell is going on for too many years.His cancer free state for the last few years is a credit to the exceptional health care system in the united states according to Cain.  After receiving a diagnosis of liver and colon cancer in 2006, Cain turned to prayer, and our country’s unmatchable medical care, and turned away the life ending disease.

Some other things to consider:

Cain supports a strong military
Cain Supports a return to the gold standard.
Cain believes America is the leader of the free world.  Not just a bit player as our current president
Cain is strongly anti abortion

And much more.

The link at the top will take you to his site.  I encourage those of you with a few bucks to consider making a contribution NOW to help get the ball rolling for this republican primary, or we will be stuck with another media chosen milquetoast east coast elite like Gingrich or Romney.

You know what I mean?

I will be trying to get the campaign to give us a heads up whenever he will be coming to Michigan so I can keep you all informed.

If you have a blog.  WRITE ABOUT HIM!  Get the word out!

I am Psyched!

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