State Hides Voting Records

At least that is what the end result will be for some, as the state of Michigan removes its links to the popular “Michigan Votes” website operated by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Midland based think tank.

The links to the transparency site which have been up since 2004 and will now be removed as the result of a request by Democrat state Reps. Jon Switalski of Warren, and Vicki Barnett of Farmington Hills. According to the Lansing State Journal:

Snyder communications director Geralyn Lasher says state officials removed the Mackinac Center link late Tuesday afternoon from It now has a link instead to the Michigan Legislature website.

A somewhat interesting development.

Given the cheer-leading done on Snyder’s behalf by a competing center left think tank “the Center for Michigan,” it comes as no surprise to find eager capitulation from the “Republican” executive office to the proposed change.  This of course is my own observation and open suspicion being cast as a result of the make up of the C4M’s principal figurehead, Phil Power.

In any event, this move of course makes it harder for those who are attempting to find voting records for their legislators, and generally reduces transparency.  Transparency, provided by the ease in which constituents can find information on the votes and records quickly.

Jack McHugh, Senior Legislative Analyst at the Mackinac Center who oversees Michigan Votes says:

“Michigan votes is the One Place a citizen can go to look up a single roll call vote without having to trudge through dozens or hundreds of pages of legislative journals.   That and the ability to  look up the voting record of any legislator on any particular issue makes the site a unique and invaluable accountability tool.”


Of course the cost of such a link in real dollars must surely eclipse such wonderful benefits.

Zero cost to keep.

2 comments for “State Hides Voting Records

  1. Beth Webster
    June 15, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    I’m firing off a scathing email to Snyder right now!

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