Sarah Palin, Granholm, and FOIA

Sometimes precedent is a beautiful thing.

Many of us have wondered for years about who’s agenda it was that Jennifer Granholm pursued? It certainly was not one that favored business or any type of prosperity for the state of Michigan, so surely there must have been an underlying cause of what seemed to be the worst decision making process in the history of the state.  One might even suppose that the “green” agenda had been driving her, but even that would not likely result in the 8 year fiscal Armageddon we have endured.

Indeed her own “end of days” as our top administrator could not have come soon enough.

No doubt, the ability to peruse the email and personal correspondence from the governor’s office for the years 2002-2010 would bring a certain amount of glee to those of us who have wondered openly what was going on in the private consultations with Michigan’s dismantler Jennifer Granholm, labor types, and ultimately Obama administration manipulators.  Much of what went on always out of our reach. Our questions however, remained unanswered, as the Lansing executive office emails remain hidden by either policy or a real rule of law premise that promises to obscure intent, and real conspiracies forevermore.

To this day, I am convinced there is sufficient evidence of unethical (or criminal) activity within the Granholm administration emails to have her brought to a public hearing (perhaps court)  and appropriately castigated for the abuse of government that has hurt so many families in Michigan.  One particular issue alone, with regard to forced unionism is at the very least a call for the release of such records.  The corruption of our state government can not be tolerated.

However as noted above, the executive privilege of opacity has kept her dirty little secrets safe.

And along comes Sarah.

Sarah Palin, who has at one point or another captured the heart of conservatives everywhere, also captured the attention of MSM types, and lefties who see her as a threat to the way things have been going.  The status quo, the apple cart etc, being rocked, and threatened with a toss over have reacted almost so violently to her appearance on the national stage, that they cannot stop treating her as a prospective presidential candidate even though she has not yet even declared.

Palin may or may not run in 2012, yet she is being tagged like most major contenders would like.  In fact, today I wrote to a friend:

“And she drives em nuts because of it.  Who else could ride around the country in a bus, without having to declare a presidential bid, speak in the colloquial manner that suits her, and be regarded as a major contender.  While the MSM crowd pulls their hair out on what in the heck is up with her, they don’t even realize how brilliant she is in playing to their driving curiosity.

You know, its funny.  She wears her mannerisms, and undecidedness like a perfume.  One that both confuses and intensifies their love/hate for her.  They follow her around trying to destroy her but have fallen in love with following her around.”


Now those same reporters, analysts, and pundits are excited, no, DROOLING over the opportunity to peruse a great number of emails that were penned by Governor Palin during the time she was in charge in Alaska.  Dan Calabrese at the Detroit News says:

“The State of Alaska is releasing tens of thousands of pages of e-mails Sarah Palin sent during her tenure as governor. That means Palin supporters (and I’m usually inclined to be one) will search them endlessly for examples of her intelligence and policy prowess, while her critics will scour them for things that can be portrayed as examples of stupidity.

And surely, you have to believe, they’re going to find something.”

I don’t doubt it.  Something.

Good for them.  Let the mystery unravel in their search for the truth.  The left is certain there is compelling testimony of Sarah Palin’s “wrong doing” (without any idea of what that might be), or stupidity (as we know there are experts on that subject), to be found within those executive notes to, and from miscellaneous government types, donors, political acquaintances, and supporters.

And in the meantime, let the left set an example of transparency for all to follow.

Including calling for the release of email transcripts of Michigan’s biggest financial disaster, the indefatigable lefty Jennifer Granholm.

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