Who I Am

I was a dealer, a surveillance operator, a slot machine repairman at a casino

I was a tow truck operator, and even a repo-man

I was a dishwasher, and a cook.

I was a telephone operator

I was a student

I did these things once.  I performed the necessary tasks that made my titles technically accurate.

And now..

I am a business owner. Because I own a business. Because I made an investment of time, energy, and of finances, I can be called a business owner.

I am an Artist. I like to draw.  I like to write music, and in the process can earn the title of being an artist. It does not mean that I am a great artist, or even that my work is mediocre, but my acts of creation define this designation.

I am a conservative. I would be called a conservative because of the things I support.  The ideas I believe to be truth are recognized generally conservative principles. I had decided at some point that my views generally represent a more advantageous position for liberty, prosperity, and health of our communities.

I am a writer. I write daily, expressing my views for all who would bother taking the time to read them.  I am sometimes asked how I have time to write.  I have time to write because I make the decision to put off other things.  I even took time to stop and write this today.

I am a father. Two wonderful children and high achievers who have graduated from Traverse City schools were the product of decisions made long ago.

I am a loyal husband. I could certainly be something else, but have chosen the path of faithfulness for my own conscience, and for the mental well being of my wife.

All of these things I am, and even more, required a conscious decision at some point to pursue or realize.  I had a choice in the pursuit of the creative aspect of that which I identify with.    I was not born an artist, but my efforts would earn me that label.  I was not born a father, a writer, or even a loyal husband, because the process which defines those things could not have happened yet.

The choices are not made at birth, and until the acts are made to back up the choices, none of those titles have merit.

However there are statics.

I am a human being.

I am Caucasian.

I am male.

Plenty of other characteristics could define me as I was when born.  None of them required me to perform an act, pass a test, or receive training.  No choice had to be made, and the creation I am, is that by my creator’s design and plan.

My only input of what I am is limited to decisions made, and pursuits of action and consequence.

When I was a boy I played Cowboy.  I dreamed I was an astronaut, Evil Knievel, and a star on Broadway. I could have pursued those, but did not.

I hope that during this discussion of adding a specially protected class of individual called homosexual to a bullying policy, the Traverse City Area Public Schools, do not forget to add all those things I could have become as well.

Maybe even a ballerina on the side.


2 comments for “Who I Am

  1. Jayne Frank
    April 27, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    Bullying has been going on for many decades on the school grounds for those kids that were thin, fat, smart, slow, nerds, quiet,homosexual or straight. Schools did not intercede because there was parental responsibility. Once a parent found out about their kid bullying, it rarely happened again because (if I dare say it), their butts were slapped red or their privileges were taken away. Since many parents prefer to leave their parenting responsibilities to the schools now, you are left with such much interference that you have no say anymore in anything because of all the school’s policies. I just thank God (and there I go again being politically incorrect)that I don’t have children in the school system today.

  2. May 2, 2011 at 9:13 am

    I don’t see racist in there. A large ego, but not much else.

    Great career. Why don’t I see any military service from such a great patriot like you?

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