Rally – Counter Rally Today [UPDATED]



On April 3, 2011, the Emmet County Fairgrounds in Petoskey will be hosting a pro-union rally. The Petoskey Tea Party will be holding a Right To Work counter rally outside of the fairgrounds.

Please gather at the gazebo next to the fairgrounds on Eppler Road. Or, park at Turcott Field on Charlevoix Avenue if the lot off Eppler is full. We would like to have a presence on Charlevoix Avenue outside of the fairgrounds by 10:30 AM. The union rally begins at 11:30.

The purpose of this rally is not to be confrontational, but to show an opposition presence to the union rally taking place inside the fairgrounds.

Please make sure your signs are positive and on the message of “Right To Work”. Right to work signs will be available. American and Gadsden signs will be appropriate as well.

For further information, please send an email to petoskeyteaparty.org

==== UPDATE ====

Couple of these pictures turned out great. Tom Stillings had fun with the Rick Michigan sign. What a way to push Big labor’s buttons!

9 comments for “Rally – Counter Rally Today [UPDATED]

  1. Blaine Shontz
    April 3, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    The steel workers outnumbered you guys about 5 to 1. What happened?

    • JGillman
      April 3, 2011 at 8:31 pm

      Wow good. You must be a math teacher.

      Or a bean counter for the mob er.. umm Steel workers. No worries.

      nah just kidding.. well.. maybe not

      Actually, as it turned out No one paid US to be there, we also didn’t have a paid custodial worker crying the blues to get sympathy for us. Or maybe not paid, but misinformed to the point of depression. Poor gal didn’t even know the union can bid those jobs just the same as any outside contractor.

      Misinformation is the best way for labor to win. Keep at it. We’ll counter with the truth.

      • Blaine Shontz
        April 4, 2011 at 9:18 pm

        Sorry about the math error. According to the News Review it was closer to 6 to 1 in favor of the union supporters. You tea partiers really show your true colors when you belittle a school custodian who is worried about feeding her family. May God bless you. Look in your heart and let Jesus lead you to the truth.

        • JGillman
          April 4, 2011 at 9:48 pm

          No No .. It is I that should be sorry for over estimating you ability to understand what was being said.

          It apparently wasn’t clear enough that she was being USED by the union. As a ‘moll’ by the AFL-CIO or whatever handlers talked her into declaring her unfounded concerns. Used like that guy.. oh heck what was his name? umm Oh Yeah, the guy who use to work for Performance Trucking, Roy Gross. The guy who at the cost of his employer sold out to the labor concerns of the Teamsters. Crying all the way to a cushy union job and a 2008 Democrat party address.

          “and as a good little union servant will blame it on Bush policies and the Iraq war. You will pander to those who seek government control over business, and our personal affairs. You will decry the high cost of health care, and how the mean corporate world has let down the “common folk.” But for you, everything will be all right, because it will certainly earn you a spot in Teamster hierarchy. “

          yeah him. They are just tools. Tools used happily by those who make six figure salaries pretending to provide some value by the use of coercive tactics over their fellow man. All the while calling for “worker’s rights!” Rights. Riiiight.

          The brainwashed masses that actually are willing to play the victim in the charade of us vs the big bad employer are not the people I am belittling. I am belittling the awesome vacancy of intellectual depth carried by folks who cannot understand what true rights are. Rights that spawn wonderful opportunities but guarantee no results.

          And Jesus leads me along just fine. I won’t question your faith. Just your understanding of what is right. We certainly seem to disagree.

          Jesus, himself, never forced anyone to do anything, and Jesus never supported anyone else to forcefully take from another. Can the Union folk make the same claim?

          Jesus did not make people pay 10% of their earnings to the church. There is a difference between charity and theft. I wonder how the Union tithing is Jesus like?

          Jesus did say “give to Caesars what is Caesars”.. But the meaning of that passage , was likely that earthly things are not important. In the end everything will turn to dust, so do not hold anything on earth dear to your heart, for it will not last. Benefits, pensions, etc.

          Jesus was for free will. For each man and woman to choose their own destiny. He did not force people to do anything. We will be judged when that time comes, and not by man.

  2. Blaine Shontz
    April 5, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    Unions provide the only leverage, through collective bargaining, the little guy (the individual worker) has when he sells his labor in the market place. That’s why union workers earn more money than nonunion workers in the same trade or industry. Even after paying union dues (not even close to the ten percent you imply) the union worker still comes out ahead. That’s why union workers overwhelmingly support their unions.

    The custodian from Cheboygan knows that if her job is sold to the lowest bidder, whoever does the job will do it for much less money and probably no benefits. That is the right to work for less. She also knows that her chances of finding a new job that pays a living wage, especially in Cheboygan during these times, are practically nil. She fears for her livelihood and rightfully so. She may be a custodian, but she’s no dummy.

    I am not familiar with the scriptures where Jesus extols the virtues of individual liberty. At least not the “don’t tread on me”- every man for himself- “lift yourself up by the bootstraps” kind of liberty that you tea partiers seem to be so fond of. Not to say that individual liberty is not an important American ideal, I just don’t recall Jesus mentioning it much in scripture. I have heard and read many scriptures where Jesus talks of the virtues of caring for the poor, putting others before yourself, serving the downtrodden, etc. The Jesus that I have read about was for the common man and didn’t truck much with the greedy, powerful, or rich. That is why the leaders of most mainstream Christian denominations (Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, etc.) call for social justice and recognize the important role that unions play in achieving it. I just don’t see Jesus coming down on the side of corporate interests in their current attempts at union bashing.

    Which leads one to believe that the real stooges here are the tea partiers: regular guys fighting against their working American brothers and sisters on behalf of the corporate interest.

    • JGillman
      April 5, 2011 at 10:58 pm

      “Unions provide the only leverage, through collective bargaining, the little guy (the individual worker) has”

      Ill critique this part only, and let the remainder stand on its own.

      to say such a thing is to demonstrate such little faith in the accomplishments of ‘The little guy’.

  3. Blaine Shontz
    April 6, 2011 at 11:45 am

    Then provide an example where nonunionized “little guys” make more than their unionized counterparts. To say that unions provide leverage for workers in the marketplace is an economic truth and it doesn’t show lack of faith in workers. It shows understanding of the economic reality of a free market system.

    Let’s all strive to bring working conditions and living standards for all working Americans UP to union levels, rather than down to nonunion norms. To do otherwise is to serve Mammon rather than the interests of your fellow man.

  4. JGillman
    April 6, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    You wouldn’t understand a free market system. Your last paragraph demonstrates this. What you are saying is “lets create an artificial wage base, regardless of the employer’s ability to pay.”

    A gun to the head of someone wile robbing them can provide “leverage” for the person holding the gun too. THAT is an economic truth.

  5. Blaine Shontz
    April 6, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    For several years I lived abroad in a free market economic system; no minimum wage, low or nonexistent taxes, no social safety net, no viable public option for education or healthcare, no welfare except private charities, little or no environmental regulation, etc. Everybody from the 8 year old shoe shine boy to the importer of luxury goods was free to battle it out for every crumb or shekel; a veritable tea party paradise of unbridled capitalism.

    Since I was there as a guest worker with a skill that was valued by those who could afford to pay me well for it, I lived quite well in my neighborhood surrounded by walls with armed men at the gates. I was able to hire housekeepers for dollars per day, and they were darn lucky to have the work too.

    So yes, I understand what a free market economic system is. I have lived in one. That said, I much prefer the hybrid system we have here in the U.S. with amenities like social security and medicare for the elderly, public schools, and until recently- living wages for most workers. Everything goes better when all enjoy a decent minimum standard of living and that requires some regulation of the marketplace.

    That’s hardly holding a gun to one’s head. If a potential employer can’t afford to pay a decent wage, then they should reevaluate their business model and their need for workers.

    So, how about you tea partiers get over the fact that Obama is president, take a deep breath, and channel your energy into helping the rest of us rebuild an America that values labor, enjoys strong public institutions, has a regulated free market with plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs, and continues to expand individual liberties for all.

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