Random Pondering About Land

Much of the land in the ‘flyover areas’ and particularly around our ‘purple mountains majesty, ‘ has been reserved and kept unavailable for exploration of new energy sources and pulled off tax roles etc..

While Many state governments collect an alternate payment in lieu of property taxes, the control over their revenues is then subject to the whim of whichever administration is in control.  Some folks believe that selling off the rights of at least the property itself could alleviate the debt problem NOW.  Not a bad idea to consider, as long as there would be a way to ensure the money brought in wouldn’t be used for anything BUT debt.

Currently holding on to land by the federal government might feel good in a way that makes you think you are leaving the kids something for after you are gone, but while there might be unfettered land for a little while the debt carried remains as shackles to our next generations also.

This illustration reminds me of this. (Click on it to make larger)

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