OLD Troubles Just Fade Away

Many of you might notice a little (A Lot) change in the format, and hopefully the speed in which the site loads now.

The old servers we had been using are wonderfully fast for basic served up pages, but for some reason Hostcentric (the company which I was using) could never figure out how to make its SQL database functions work consistently.  So after 2 years of Fighting with them, I have spent the last day backing up and moving the site to this new home.

I hope it is loading up faster for you.

There are some things missing in my change over..  Some of your user accounts were either deleted or you will have to request a password, but all the wonderful content and comments is intact, and still is in an appropriate time line.

The old look with that crazy lady in Lansing pounding her fingers into the podium will no longer be at the header either, but I think we will all be glad to see her go.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment on the new Digs.

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