My endorsement of Mike Bouchard (Anna Lambert)

I have been given the opportunity to voice my views in a bit more audible forum than “comments” and now I’m nervous that I will fail to represent them in the best way possible. But I am willing to give it a shot! 🙂

Michigan’s primary for a Republican candidate for Governor is August 3rd. The candidate I am endorsing is Mike Bouchard. I’m endorsing him because, out of all our options, he best represents the principals I hold; and I firmly believe in voting on principals. He’s not perfect, of course. But he does a better job of representing my views than Hoekstra, Cox, or Snyder do.

In his “Blueprint for Prosperity” Bouchard says, “Under my administration, government transparency and efficiency would not just be catchphrases. I would increase transparency by requiring state agencies to post every check written online for taxpayers to review, and post state employee salary and benefit information, including unfunded liability information.” In other words, our “civil servants” will be held accountable for their spending of our money.

He also says, “To put every available dollar into the classroom, I would have every school district competitively bid out secondary services, such as busing, janitorial and food service, on an intermediate school district level.” This is privatization. Privatization produces competition. Competition would force the schools to stop wasting money and start improving quality. And privatization isn’t just something Bouchard says he will do, he has already done it. As county sheriff in Oakland County, Bouchard had the jail food service privatized, saving $1.6 million a year.

He is big on security. Aside from plans to keep criminals in jail where they belong, (which is something he says he will do), he also states, “We must be more vigilant in securing our state’s border to ensure all people in Michigan are here legally. If Washington will not do the job, then Michigan will.
I could go on posting quotes, but why not check him out for yourself?

Some have said that he is forgettable; that he is not “electable”. That is why I am out here doing what I can to make sure he is not forgotten and that he is elected (or at least “electable”). Why should I, or anyone else, have to settle with an “electable” person who isn’t AS bad as the Democrat, when we could pick a candidate who stands for even more of what we believe to be right? Maybe you think Cox or Hoekstra or Snyder better represent your principals. That’s fine. Then vote for them based on that. PLEASE vote for your principals, and not for someone who is merely “tolerable and can beat the Democrat” (unless one of your core principals is “always win”).

I love Michigan and want to give her the best I can. So, as my mom would say, I’m doing what I can with what I’ve got.

Thank you, Mr. Gillman for this opportunity. I really appreciate the risk you took in letting me blurt out my opinions on your blog.

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