Michiganders, beware the progressive destruction of our healthcare system.

There are folks who have put the current administration in office.  Many are the same folks who put our current governor in office.  They are quite responsible for the electoral successes of both executives.  They want for the United States, what has happened in Michigan.  The bi-polar left elects those who destroy the needed life enhancing product of our great nation by an assumption that Healthcare and manufacturing can be micromanaged and mandated.

The following MICHIGAN organizations represent a threat to our ability to receive high quality health care.

* Acorn Michigan
* American Friends Service Committee- Inclusive Justice Program
* Michigan Citizen Action
* Michigan Gamaliel
* Michigan Legal Services
* Progressive Democrats of West Michigan
* Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network
* MI Afscme
* SEIU Healthcare Michigan
* Health and Hope Coalition
* Operating Engineers Local 547
* Metro Detroit AFL-CIO
* U of M Medical Students
* MI Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network
* Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good
* Triangle Foundation

You may not have heard of some of their names, but you will know what they are trying to push.  Universal, SINGLE PAYER, Government run health care. They are listed as  participants within the Healthcare for america now organization.  While some of these folks might have a real interest in the welfare of those needing health services, many are simply power players.  The poor or “disenfranchised”  are simply weapons to them, to be weilded as a means of escalation of far more sinister agendas.

THEN, there is the move by some dems who would “PUSH” us toward what those folks (see above) want.  A Tax on your insurance benefits.  The logic is that the healthcare is TOO EASY to access, so more are doing it, thus raising costs.  huh???  When my wife showed me that article, I about popped out of my prescription shoes onto my prescription paid floor mat off my prescribed select number chair!  I am so calling the doctor now.

When will it end?  The countless twists and turns that our legislators and leaders drag us through leave us ragged.  Simple common sense needs to come back from vacation in this country.  Imagine if all the Union heads, organizers mentioned above,  or move-on type folks actually did something productive.  What do you suppose our great experiment would look like if these folks actually PRODUCED, instead of using our tax dollars to pummel us with?

Michiganders, we may have one last stand.  It may well be a little too late, but I for one will not back down.  Take the fight to them.  Do not let your representatives be swayed to join this misguided cause.  Be active!

We’ll see you in Lansing on the 4th.

2 comments for “Michiganders, beware the progressive destruction of our healthcare system.

  1. June 2, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    Good job calling them out and listing them! Access too easy? I agree. It’s common sense. We the people need to wake-up fast!

  2. Ken
    June 3, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    “Simple common sense needs to come back from vacation in this country.” Oh, good—I thought it was dead!

    I hope it gets home soon.

    Nice work.

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