If you missed this.. It gets better.

Remember last year? When Monica Conyers actually lost in a debate to a 13 year old? you know the one where she is publicly humiliated (if that were ONLY possible)   oh.. you forgot? here.. to refresh your memory..

You say it doesn’t get better than this?

I suppose this verbal smack down rates high for entertainment value, or how it reveals the weakness of who the left puts in power. But now there is more. Michelle Malkin brings up those other pesky details in her comparison of Senator Ensign’s current troubles to Conyer’s:

Now, let’s talk about a far more scandalous scandal that the MSM won’t spill one-tenth the ink it’s spilling on the Ensign affair: the Conyers corruption case. I noted the federal bribery case against Democrat House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers’ wife, Monica, and other dirty Detroit Dem politicians back in January.

And she hasn’t learned much from that thirteen year old..  Things matter.  And if you don’t run your life like an adult.. when you are an adult..  things happen.  From the Free Press:

As they dangled a plea deal in their bribery investigation, she promoted a project at the council’s regular meeting to help low-income people with their utilities. Later, she hosted her weekly TV show. She even had a hair appointment.

Ahh.. You got nuthin on me you shrek lovers!  …Well LA DEE DAH.

Just remember, this is all stemming from a bribery charge in which a quid pro quo arrangement has been alleged.  Not that this could ever happen in government, especially not in Michigan.. or heaven forbid for a major project in  say… DETROIT?

As an old time Bay County Democrat once said to my Father “Don’t you worry much about that one party.. those Democrats being in power.  Whenever any party is in power for a long time they eventually start stealing, and it’ll change back.”

I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. June 18, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    It seems to me that her husband John Conyers must have known about this “bribe”? Is he a co-conspirator by covering up his knowledge of the bribe[s] money? Did he “aid abet” as the Chairman of The Judiciary Committee? Is there and “Obstruction of Justice” charge looming? Influence peddling? Has he attempted to “quash” the investigation?
    Were there any organized crime “wiseguys” involved concerning this massive “carting” contract? This case rings loudly and very clearly under the Racketeering Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly known a RICO. Racketeering cases provide the Feds with the ability to look at any and all bank accounts, slush funds, PAC funds of both John Conyers and his wife, including those of the company and all entities held, including the principles of these corporation[s].
    Hauling out all the filing cabinets for the purposes of further “money laundering” and “tax evasion” charges on the illegally obtained monies particularlly if the U.S. mail was involved, wire or the telephone, cell and/or landline. Did the Feds have wire taps under Title 111 ?
    She better take their plea offer, kicking and crying on the way to Federal prison. If charged and convicted under RICO, the calendars will get much longer.
    Remember “If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime”. Politicians who do so should 100 years for supidity, and the cover-up always gets you in the end. She should go to prison for a long, long time 25 years with a case of paper towels to catch her tears. Loose all of her government pension as well, every penny.
    Oh poor corrupt baby she’s scared.
    Bye-Bye Baby. Your enemy in three words. POWER HUNGRY GREED. I hope the Feds cut her legs right out from under both of them! No One Is Above The Law!!

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