And Yet, More Lies From The Left..

Wonderful…  a brand new commercial.  A shiny new hammer of progressive thought beating the mushy skulls of TV watchers and radio listeners into the next phase of nitwittery evoked by our current administration. “Healthy Economy Now” is the NEW NAME for the left element trying to manipulate us into signing over even more of what is left of our economy.  Remember the Carbon Cap = Job ads?  well folks.. if we are searching for more deception, we will not be disappointed, because the suggestion that a “planned health care economy” is the solution to the national economy.  Yes!  that’s correct.. it is being asserted that the very people who have promised to spend us into another 10 Trillion in debt will be the careful managers of our personal choices in health care.

The incredible similarity is the direct conflict these type of ads have with reality.  The other ads say “carbon caps = Jobs.”  But does paying higher taxes and having less money for investment and operation of business means you have more money for investment and operation of business???  So now  we will be told that spending money we don’t have for health care, will save us money we don’t have for health care?  The Heritage Center has a little news from our Congressional Budget Office which might just blow your mind..

Assessing just Title I of the draft legislation, CBO estimated the plan would add $1 trillion to the federal deficit while only extending health insurance to a net 16 million more Americans.

Simple math folks. $62,500.00 per person to add them to the roll.  Not to mention that the government would start “assigning” your doctors, and limiting their compensation after it is realized it cannot go on.  I could certainly rail on about how the medical profession will see a decline as potential doctors decide to not participate etc..  but there is a much larger issue at hand.  It is the liberty we take for granted, that we give away when signing on to Marxist schemes such as this.  This is about control,  ..period.

MAKE NO MISTAKE.. this is a MARXIST scheme.  These folks truly believe the ends justify the means, and their unfaltering vision of a “state run utopia” guides them.  However, because they have a faulty vision of what truly drives men to greatness does not mean they are stupid.  The speed in which they are pushing this incredibly authoritarian agenda is quite adequately matched by the smooth talking rhetoric and open lying of its point man, Barack Obama.

The proverbial selling of Ice Cubes to an Eskimo takes a back seat to this man, “the ONE,” who has all but buried his past prior to 1985. The people he surrounds himself with carry the “progressive” opinions that taxes are patriotic, killing our young is a good thing, taxing businesses makes them stronger, the constitution is flawed, and if we paint our rooftops white, we won’t turn into Venus.  These are deep thinkers hmm?  They KNOW WE DON’T WANT what they are selling.  The mad rush is simply an indication they know there is a limited window of opportunity to jam this crap down our throats before we throw them out of office.

Obama and the far left insane asylum escapees have help however.

Michelle Malkin reports on the new State Run Media arm; ABC News. This new onslaught of medical monetary mayhem is to be “mainstreamed” and given a form of legitimacy by our protectors of the truth.  NBC has already given its all to push forward the absolute stupidity of Carbon Caps as creating Jobs in a “more you know” moment..

God help us…

These “businesses” see an opportunity to cash in on the weight of government perhaps.  “Rent Seeking,” an appropriate term to label those who promise the legislators and politicos grandiose exposure and a multitude of retirement options has become a new and wonderful “agricultural experiment.”  A “cultivating,” if you will, of the weaker minds who merely want the better things in life for the all.  Cultivation, and soon a reaping of our intellectual resources, and efforts of the productive past.   The ardent manipulators of the manic left are seeing the generational harvest moon and now its time to collect on a crop which might only appear every few decades.

Don’t yet get it?

The culling of our future, like wheat before the sickle is happening before our eyes, and so many people will not even realize until they too have been baled like the straw men used to hide the true intent of the very far left opportunists.

Do not be fooled.  Do not think this man, this administration, or any part of the entire body politic which moves toward all we have fought in war and by the very declaration and deeds of the founders who gave us this great country, has the correct vision of how we best serve our common man.  What part of anything he has done has produced the slightest benefit to our nation?  Ignoring the very history which lays before us in our present will surely lead to our demise as the leader of the free world.

The lies must be stopped.  It is time to STOP patronizing advertisers for these networks.  It is time to send a message to the decision makers who while counting their potential return on selling away our freedoms.  It is time to send a message with our dollars.. while we still have them, or at least while those dollars are actually worth something.

The progressive agenda of using real and personal fears to bring about change that shackles us to the mistakes of  poor fiscal policy and destroys our future is a dangerous one.  It is time to deny them the means of propogating the deceit on the American people who will already do what is best with strong families and opportunity found nowhere else on earth.

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