Property Owner's Comments On Eminent Domain Issue

The beast of government grows and assumes all things belong to it.  East Lansing has been assisting a private developer who’s plans include the development Nancy Kurdziel and other property owners in East Lansing’s East Village neighborhood have been battling the city over. East Lansing would like  to declare their properties blighted in order to obtain them through eminent domain and allow a private company to redevelop them.   Nice.

The Mackinac Center has published a transcript of Kurdziel’s remarks on the March 3, 2009 Council meeting. In this meeting Kurdziel has to defend her position as a property owner:

You know, there have been little, if any courtesies extended to me and my family during this whole East Village process. Case in point – we had to invite ourselves to “public” meetings where design plans were revealed for our property, our land. ASMSU (Michigan State University’s student government) was given the opportunity to see these plans – we, the property owners, were not even invited to the meeting. We own the property! You can try to say that this is the master developer’s responsibility to inform us of such meetings. But you continue to publicize this as a public/private partnership. Therefore, you, as well, bear responsibility to your taxpayers, the ones that pay your salary.

Her point is well made.  She OWNS the property. And because of the 2006 Eminent Domain initiative passed (by 80 %) The council and East lansing’s government has reverted to an underhanded trick not unlike condemnation, but using “brownfield ” laws to move the process forward.

Our country has come to this.  The servants have become our masters.  The LOOTERS use the force of government to take what they cannot bargain in good faith for.  The very reason for government is to protect us from such atrocities.  The rule of law is now routinely ignored, as a “democratic” process can decide whether we are deserving of the wealth and property we have already earned.  God help us.