Five Stages of Grief…

  • 1. Denial and Isolation.

This stage I think I must have found as the first states were being called for Obama, with as little as 1% of the precincts reporting, I yelled at the TV and probably sulked.. (would have to have video evidence for that.)  I pronounced to my Twitter friends “there is something wrong!” And those friends..  they for the most part echoed my sentiments, further bolstering my resolve.  We grouped, circled the wagons, and were overrun by the reality.

  • 2. Anger.

When it was finally known, the numbers followed after the pronouncements, we knew there was nothing we could do, I became bitter.  The following morning I blamed my Kid, Neighbor, and everyone else I could think of for their willing complicity, which I saw (see) as contrary to goals of liberty as seen by my eyes.  Further, I saw this state, Michigan, as further destroying its opportunities to rebound from the damage our governor has brought, with the election of even more enablers to the state house.  The very same state house which has already guaranteed a bankrupt Michigan shortly.  I lashed out.

  • 3. Bargaining.

Dealing with what happened.  Sorting out who to blame.  Wondering if I did enough personally, or if there was ever a realistic chance, given the impending nature of Obama’s success in this race.  This stage and the next pretty much coincide.

  • 4. Depression.

It took me 3 hours before even opening my emails.  After posting my rants, I pretty much sat reading other thoughts from the left and the right on the net.  Anger actually took a while to subside, and angst filled the vacuum.  I left the office to go shopping..  I ate too much.. and surprisingly, I was able to still do my work..  Barely.

  • 5. Acceptance.

Still working on this.  I doubt I will ever be satisfied, but even Obama said he would work to that end. This “change” to me is quite frankly hopping from the pan to the fire below.  Under no circumstance could this election be seen as moving “forward” in any civilized manner.  Obama refused to sign the Born Alive act, supports abortion on demand, and even voters in the state of Michigan decided the value of human life is not much more than the goo on a pap slide.  Barack H. Obama is our president elect.  I will submit that I accept he has the authority of the office as per the constitution he calls “fundamentally flawed,”  (he will be my president) But as he is so contrary with his views to my own, and given the congress which will control debate and circumstance, I will likely never be able to support any law he puts his pen to sign.