Betrayed but not beaten

I cannot this morning bring myself to turn on the TV.  To see the gloating face of what I fear is the enemy within.  I feel betrayed.  I feel betrayed by a daughter, who while brought up in a household of self helpers, and libertarian belief chose to side (because she can think for herself) with the bastion of Liberalism that is Oregon.  I feel betrayed by My friend and neighbor, whom for so many years has spoke of individual liberty, owns a business yet an Obama sign appeared in his yard in the last days. I feel betrayed by my good friend Michael, a businessman, who is Black, and even while understanding that Obama is not someone who reflects his core beliefs, voted for him so he could feel good for his kids.

On the emotional level, I cannot put into words the absolute gut wrenching disgust of what I know Obama to be.  Perhaps part of it is what I don’t know.  Perhaps it is a fear that the entire institution of our national government has taken a decided move towards the ideals of  Karl Marx, where “fairness” and “equality” determine fiscal and social policy.  That intellectually lazy place where a person can be as productive as an unfed milking cow, yet be rewarded at the same level as someone who grows food for thousands.  The era of Equal Work for Equal Pay, which replaces Equal Results For Equal Pay begins,  Even though “work” as a level.. cannot be defined.

On a logical level, I now must make decisions which insure that I still am able to proceed forward with my business.  I still must put food on the table, but looking forward, I understand the limited rewards of my efforts.  I understand that a significant part of what I earn will be used to fund the detruction of life via abortion, perpetuate sloth, and feed the machinery of an elitist government which derives more power by taking more from its people than it needs  if, it had stayed true to  the intent of the framers.

This morning, I feel betrayed by Our country. a country which has been so richly rewarded by its free markets, yet has grown soft and fails to recognize history, and the threat of those who destroy such markets.   But I will perservere. And God willing, we all will through the next 4 years.