OK lets try a different angle..

All the time we have been beating ourselves up trying to fight the inevitable rise to the presidency of a man who was singularly set on that goal.  A man who along the way has lied, filled in half the blanks and pretended to be someone he was not.  The fact that Barack Obama does not understand the most basic economic principles, leads us to wonder how his policies should help when the financial markets teeter, and the government’s best efforts only serve to exacerbate the problem as seen in the collapse of the stock market to become 60% of what it once was..

So let me say this:

Barack Obama, you owe it to the Black Population to be the best president …ever.  They put you here.  95% of the Black vote went to your side.  Can I blame them? I don’t think so, but the problem is if you mess us up so bad, or even moderately (given the congressional mess you inherit ) the chance for another Black president in the rest of your lifetime will be unlikely.   Failure may have nothing to do with you having a higher melanin content in your skin, but it will make the failure that much more memorable.

Here is where the rubber hits the road.  You moved to the right to get elected.  I was never fooled, as you were always a little Marxist to me, but for many hard working folks out here who havent seen all the video, or heard all of your interviews there was no way they could have possibly known.  So what is the honorable thing to do?  Govern as if you were campaigning in the state of VA, PA, or OH.  Don’t let those folks down.

Appointments will tell the story I suppose.

Consider Googling “Rahm Emanuel” mossad Sometime.  While you will find the expected conspiracy sites, there are about 14,100 results which match the query.  Rahm DID serve in the Israeli military, and will be the Chief of staff for President Obama.  Israel is our friend, but consider if there was a connection with our friend’s top intelligence agency..  could it not potentially compromise diplomacy efforts?  Another question might be Does Barack Obama even know what the Mossad is?  Or even that it is one of the primary reasons Israel even exists to this day?

How about Jennifer Granholm? Michigan’s hapless misfit governator.  She sucks wind so bad here, that perhaps a cabinet post, or even a SC Justice spot could be her’s eventually?  Wow!  Doesn’t that sound like a true leftist solution?  Doesn’t that show mediocrity can be well rewarded as it is with many manufacturing jobs which are aggressively protected even though the employee wouldnt earn but one fifth in a real market rewarded job?  How about crappy teachers?  Tenure and mediocrity.. hand in hand.  Yeah a likely event, all things considered..

I hope my earlier fears are dead wrong.  But it isn’t MY fears Obama must overcome, but rather the HOPES and WISHES of his supporters he must own up to.  And given our country’s current financial crisis, driven by the same leadership in congress which he will be dealing with?  Good freaking luck.

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  1. Ed Burley
    November 8, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    I think that Granholm is the reason Obama took Michigan. The Dems here wanted to get rid of her so badly that a Cabinet post was all but guaranteed.

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