What to expect from an Obama Presidency.

Although I am in no way throwing in the towel on this thing, it does seem like a fair bet that Sen. Obama stands a pretty good chance of being elected. Add to this the fact that a Republican upset in the Congress is unlikely, and we could have the first Democrat-Democrat alliance in the White House and Congress since 1994, when the GOP took over the House. The time previous to that, which haunts our dreams, was the Carter Administration, when our country, quite literally, went into the gutter economically.

If Sen. Obama does indeed take the White House, we can expect several things that he has promised: higher taxes on the producers, national health care, and “middle class tax cuts.” There are, however, other things that President Obama would most likely do, in order to maintain his status as a “Neo-centrist” (i.e., the new socialist). I will merely list these things, with a brief comment, for your consideration – and as a prophetic utterance.

1) Raise taxes on the middle class. Not necessarily income tax, but other taxes – hidden ones – that we never see: gas tax, value-added taxes, employer-health-care taxes. These all will be folded into the cost of goods sold, which will effect the retail (and wholesale) prices.

2) Continue the inflationary policies of the Bernake Fed. There is no doubt, with Sen. Obama’s support of the bailout, that the creation of fiat money will continue. The one thing he might do, as Nixon did, is price freezes. This will only deter the inflationary effects for a while, and then, as during the Ford years, all hell will break loose. Will Obama follow Carter’s example and make things worse? Of course.

3) Nationalize our pensions. I’m sure, with the free-fall on Wall Street, there will be an outcry to “save our pensions.” This will result, most likely, in the nationalizing of the pension funds of every American who has at least one. This money will be used to “prop up” Social Security. Initially, Obama will get credit for saving Social Security and our pensions. In a couple of decades, after Congress has spent the surplus in the Social Security Fund, Obama will be long gone…no worries.

4) Through whatever means that he can, he will eliminate all restrictions on abortions. More Americans will be slaughtered in their mother’s wombs. We should be ashamed.

5) Massive gun control. Not banning all guns, even Obama’s not that stupid. Could you imagine the 700,000 hunters from Michigan, joining with the hunters from all the other states, marching on Washington? Talk about “well-regulated militia.” We will see, I’m sure, restrictions on gun shows, the number of firearms allowed to be owned by an individual, the type of firearm allowed, etc. Not outright banning – YET – but enough restrictions that it makes it difficult to maintain that militia our founding fathers wanted us to have.

I don’t know the future, so these are based on Obama’s underlying philosophy. I know what he won’t do – end war – because he backs the war in Afghanistan, and he’s back-peddling on getting us out of Iraq. In addition, there’s other nations he might decide to either invade, or look the other way while his Muslim brothers do. One thing is for certain, Sen. Obama will change America for the worse. Mark my words. All my liberal friends will hear it declared, both now and when it happens. I hope and pray that everyone who votes for him will find themselves homeless and hungry in the very near future. It’s called logical consequences.