Metalworks I'd like you to meet Roy Gross..

Roy is the guy the Democrats paraded out at the Democrat National convention as a worker who “lost his job” and proceeded to blame the Bush administration for his troubles as well as those of the rest of the working world.  Roy a proud Teamster, for his work likely found a nice place at the table of the Teamsters elite, who unlike their dues paying counterparts will be JUST FINE as the state falls apart around them.

As I pointed out in an earlier posting, the Teamsters will bankrupt companies who don’t capitulate.  The membership of Metalworks of Ludington, a sheet metal and custom fabricator, finds itself opposite of the Teamsters and a strike by local 406 has been called.  The Strike according to Union officials is as a result of Metalworks offer of a five-year contract. The company is offering to give bonuses in the first two years of its five-year proposal and 2 percent increases in each of the following three years.  The union is asking for a three-year contract, and objects to the 2nd pay tier the company also proposes which would offer NEW employees several dollars less per hour while maintaining the current employee’s wage levels. (and new 2 % contract increase provisions)

What I pointed out in my posting was that Performance Transportation Services Inc. assets were sold off, auctioned, went bye-bye, because the Teamsters refused to back off demands and could have SAVED Roy Gross his job.  Some “job security” goal.  However as noted in that post, and earlier here, the Teamsters don’t care.  Not one whit, as they have been spreading their plague of dues collecting to other areas within the state and elsewhere. When they lose one industry, they move on to another, like locusts after a major dinner.

A concerted effort by unions to get “The One” elected is a means to the passage of CARD CHECK, which essentially serves as an “EXPANDING UNIONS FOR DUMMIES” guide, but is antithetical to the freedom of choice with regard to union membership. The Teamsters have also made a play for the new Film business in Michigan by closely aligning themselves with the film office and serving as a “employment service” according to Bill Black’s comments during this summer’s discussion in Traverse City.  Even Michael Moore is satisfied his coffee getters will make $20+ hourly as Teamster gophers.

Metalworks employees..  Dont be fooled.  This is a bad time for this kind of play.  Just south of you are 1500 newly unemployed who are willing to work, and probably realize their own unions did not serve them all too well.  They might even welcome the qualitiy of life you enjoy in that beautiful part of the state.  Consider the offer the company placed as generous, and really only affects those who come on board VOLUNTARILY at the lower wage.  You still will not have lost a thing except the possibility you will be replaced…  and soon.

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