A Vampire, Igor, The Mummy, and a Pumpkin

Fear is a funny thing.  Halloween brings out demonstrations of the things we fear, and some of those we do not.  This year Halloween has a whole host of new characters, some of whom we fear, and some perhaps not.  I now present to you, the Vampire, Egore, The Mummy, and a Pumpkin.

The Vampire takes your life’s Blood.    His stare, and his words hold you frozen until it is too late.  You cannot fight, or resist.  Though sometimes he only partially drains his victim, and they in turn do his bidding.  Sometimes you will find them distributing more of his soulless disease. If you are bitten by the Vampire, you will feel empty and drained and then seek others to drain their life’s blood.

Igor, the assistant usually to the “Mad Scientist” he is working along side the Vampire. (someone needs to carry the coffin around during the day)  He is the “go to” guy and always ready to help.  He likes to be patted on the head for his deeds.  Most consider him an expendable schmuck.

The Mummy has been around for some time.  Most folks cannot understand the animation level, given all he has been through.  Wrapped in his bandages he has persevered through the ages.  Pretty tough character the Mummy.  He was a king in his time, and many still consider him to be one.

Finally, we get to our Pumpkin, who is the treat of Halloween.  With a brightly lit candle, and a glow like none other, our pumpkin guides us to the paths we seek.  The pumpkin is fruit of the earth, and is verstile in its use and purposes.  Our pumpkin has the flexibility and capability to do great things, becoming a symbol of hope.