Michigan's Signs of the Times

It has come to this.  We need to get into the spirit of the season, because shortly after the election comes Thanksgiving, and then the mad rush to catch up on Christmas activities and shopping.  Now, I don’t know about all of you, but here in Traverse City Michigan, like clockwork we have the folks who show up when it is the coldest, bearing the beggars placards. 

These folks usually stake out a position at the local Walmart or other large chain stores (territorial probably,  I suspect they growl at each other if you try to steal their best begging spots) holding their signs asking for “work” so they can feed the kids..  (Yeah the ones who come home from Harvard once a year.. ) This sign is the One I usually see, but most folks don’t read the disclaimer however..

Will Work for Food

Will Work for Food

Of course as you pass these folks (they are usually available 9-5 daily) you will notice the Sorels, (a fine Canadian product) and the Calvin Klein Jeans, and if you actually got out of your car to hand them your money you would likely NOT smell the Burger King dumpster.  They are hardly hungry

Of course given the possible results of this election, the signs may need a change…  After all there are plenty of Walmarts and other box stores out there, however for how long, we caqn only guess..

New and Improved "Work For" Sign..

New and Improved "Work For" Sign..

Yup, that is what I expect to see if Obama wins.  There are a lot of folks who already are painting these things up here in Michigan due to the MBT and income tax increase, but a full blown revolution of Marxist antics from the FED on down is surely the recipe for an expansion of hands outreaching to those who somehow still will have more.

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  1. Ed Burley
    October 30, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    My first wife’s brother-in-law spent some time on Skid Row in Los Angeles for awhile (this was back in the late 1980s), and he said that he knew beggars who were making $200 a day. Based on a five day work week, that’s $50,000/year – for those of you in Rio Linda.

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