My Letter to the Consumer Federation of California

My name is Jason Gillman.  I discovered Proposition 10 while doing some research on a curious May 25th 2007 IPO investment by San Francisco area politician Nancy Pelosi.  I am sure you have heard of her.

I have spent some time and effort trying to make sure she is held accountable for her actions to ensure the passage of this measure.  As the Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi held off legislation as long as possible to keep oil prices high, and influence the passage of prop 10.  The legislation she refused to allow congress to consider would have provided relief sooner to those of us who must drive to our employment centers.  To make a buck.

My concern now, is that even with CNG providers increasing production this year by 8%, we will be stressing those at the ends of the supply lines.  Higher heating costs have already begun to make a difference on the average family’s ability to afford the comfort of a warm home.  In Michigan, we are facing the 6th straight year of a recession and decline in income levels.  We heat in large part by propane and natural gas.  What happens if California’s Proposition 10 passes, is we have to compete for the heating of our homes with an entirely new infrastructure.  One that with the help of a company like CLNE, and its owners Pickens and Pelosi, will surely spread to other states, until the cost of Natural gas is equalized to that of Gasoline.