Substance ignored.. as it was in Michigan.

Michigan saw the warning signs in 2006.  The re-election of Jennifer Granholm was engineered around her ability to influence people around her, and the people in the state as a whole.  Her CHARISMA and charm well noted and documented in Traverse City by local radio personalities who while being center-Left, would have little bad to say after a visit by the sitting governor.  “A truly likable person,” said one one air person in 2006. “Simply charming, and a pleasure to have visit us in our studios” said another.

But would you trust her to operate on you to remove your spleen?

Often it seems the “celebrity” aspect of a person’s personality, their attractiveness, or persuasiveness is used to guage their worth in the pursuit of public service.  The better they speak, the larger the crowds they draw, the more persuasive they can be and the better they should lead, correct?  IF you followed the MSM examples of leadership, it would seem that is ALL that matters.

Little problem is, persuasive personality, and charismatic abilities not withstanding GRANHOLM FAILED in her second term.  She has presided over the transformation of Michigan as a Manufacturing POWERHOUSE into a “B Movie” production lot, and fertilizer maker. She refused to allow taxes to be lowered to attract new business, and her resistance to lowering state spending as her Union puppeteers migrate more solidly into State government Jobs creation angles, has left us facing a shortfall which is not acceptable according to our state constitution.

What does this mean?  Higher taxes.  That is, unless the legislature can come up with some creative measures to stretch a declining revenue stream from a disapearing population count in Michigan.  But as we have seen already, there is an uphill battle in fighting the Governor in her unhealthy regulatory environment, and a desire to keep government spending unconscionably high.

But she is charismatic.  She is well spoken.  She is persuasive.

Jennifer Granholm, the reigning Governor of Michigan, though stylish and well received, has shown nothing of leadership, or in any way an appropriate handling of the economy of Michigan.  While Businesses were looking for relief she advocated taking more of their operating capital.  While The automakers struggled to sell their flagship vehicles, she advocated the very restrictions which made it harder to fuel them.  Her DEQ abuses families who attempt to run small farms, and limits development in NON-Sensitive areas by creating a gauntlet that few can pass.

Now..  We look at one of the most remarkable occurrences in any of our lifetimes.  We have at hand the possibility of electing a black man to the highest office in the land, or world for that matter.  But for all the uniqueness, well spoken demeanor, and good looks, the country is about to do what Michigan has done.. Twice.

Barack H. Obama has neither the executive experience, diplomatic authority, or appropriate political philosophy to represent this country as its President.  Because he speaks well, he draws crowds, or because he is unique.  Does not really grant him wisdom.  And because there are so many who feel the country is ready (as I do too) for a black president, that “THIS MUST BE THE ONE,”should not fool themselves into thinking there could be no others better suited to the task.

His charm, which certainly has opened doors, would certainly prove valuable in office, is NOTHING compared to the reality of his obvious poor judgment in selecting his associates (Rezko, Ayers, Wright, etc..) and his poor decision making in the senate.  And given the fragile nature of our economy, Michigan is currently “living large” compared to what may happen to the rest of the country if this man of no SUBSTANCE claims victory at the polls.

And we know that isn’t the case..