For crying out loud Bill… Shut Up already.

Bill Milliken quoted as being: “disappointed by McCain’s personal attacks on Democratic opponent.”  Oh gosh.. Golly gee sorry that we aren’t allowed to attack “The One.”  Let me point out another quote..  One that few have heard him say, though his actions surely supported it: “I think the Michigan Citizens can easily step up to the plate to help by paying more in taxes,” shortly before participating in a governors panel to discuss just that particular topic in the last year.  Milliken sure as hell doesn’t speak for me, or the folks I know.

Never mind that Billy and his ultra leftist wife have always had a disdain for anything truly conservative, such as “Right to Life” or lowering taxes.  Their discomfort openly expressed at times when they felt that the Right was going too far as in this circumstance.  A UK blogger (overseas, this must be big, huh?) quotes him as saying

“He is not the McCain I endorsed,”

Hmm.. perhaps because it was the McCain who was supposed to lose?  Maybe it was the dark side of you interfering in Republican politics once again.  You know you never convinced me.  Sadly I have to say “get under the bus Bill” cause there is a time to repudiate the falseness of your positions juxtaposed with the platform of the Republican party.  You voted for Kerry for crying out loud.  You never intended to vote for McCain in the general.

You, along with your elite friends can enjoy your Lilly white lakefront home on the peninsula while there are those of us who by increased “social conscience” are forced to pay for irresponsible borrowers, lenders, corporate criminals, and socialist globailization. (yes I know it is mis-spelled)  You have yours.  What does it matter to you if my new earnings are taxed at higher rates.  Why would you care if our children are spilled on the floors of planned parenthood offices?

Maybe the family has lost a friend.  Good riddance.  With friends like you, who needs enemies?