Free Press In Canada is right.

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Though I am not entirely happy about the white elephant Canada had given the USA in Jennifer Granholm, I do find myself fascinated on occasion of the clarity in which some of the objective thinkers north of the border can analyze what is happening here.

A small quoted segment of a Canada Free Press article:

Not only has the Democrat Party left us vulnerable to other oil producing nations, but its ethanol agenda has created vast imbalances in the world’s food supplies as corn is diverted from domestic use and as a factor in our agricultural exports.

If you had heard Sen. Reid, a man who has said, “Oil makes us sick. Coal makes us sick. Global warming makes us sick,” you would have heard him attack oil as the reason for all the woes of the world. “President Carter warned us about it in the 1970s when he proposed real solutions—conservation, fuel efficiency, and alternative fuels—to what he correctly named the ‘moral equivalent of war.’” President Carter, whose weak response to the taking of U.S. diplomats hostage by the Iranian Revolution led to the election of Ronald Reagan, was wrong then and he is wrong now.

While we allow the Democrats in this country to lay blame on “oil connections” to the white house, we need to think back on Carter’s screw up in the 70s which nearly stopped ALL the motors, and DID cause a slow down in this country. It has been the Democrats costing this nation, and dearly.

Thank GOD for free press anywhere.