O-Who says Granholm has the right IDEA.

On Monday, Barack Obama praised Governor Jennifer Granholm for having  “the right idea in seeking to build an economy based on the high-tech transportation of the future.” Conveniently ignoring the push for green has also created hardships on Michigan residents in the meanwhile.

The Democratic presidential nominee then told hundreds of supporters at a Farmington Hills high school that John McCain doesn’t understand the economic problems and fears of ordinary Americans. Obama says McCain would continue eight years of Republican mismanagement of the country’s foreign and domestic affairs.

OK, so.. It seems Obama thinks Granholm is right, spent 20 years in a church which preaches hatred, and thinks Kwame is great guy.  How could we NOT trust his judgment?  Like especially when he snubbed Michigan resulting in a Hillary win in the democrat primaries?

Seriously..  I really don’t have to make ANYTHING up to drive home my points, do I?