Michigan, a lesson in HISTORY.

Michigan is unique.  Yeah OK, big news there.  But I was born here, lived here all my life, and have attempted to not take for granted all that it is.  Michigan will be quickly and sorely missed by those who feel forced to leave, seeking employment in more economically realistic environments.  Some will say they didn’t try hard enough, but of course, “some” may not recognize that all the bailing that the rest of Michigan is doing while the anchor that is Detroit pulls us down is NOT enough.

But Detroit alone with a mere 25% graduation rate in it’s schools, a dysfunctional city government, and blight which is unheard of in many third world nations is not the main reason Michigan is hurting.  Lansing, and the “Skipper” of the Titanic “Exxon Valdez” we know as the executive branch have coated all of us seal pups with a different coating.. Snake Oil.

In the next 50+ days, we will be told that Michigan’s economic woes are as a result of the last eight years of Bush’s failed policies.  Let me be clear, we need look no further than the Governor of our great state Jennifer Granholm.  The following things could have been done (not necessarily in order) to mitigate, and likely eliminate the “one state recession” Michigan has suffered through:

1.  In the face of energy constriction, Granholm could have lobbied for increased power options, including clean coal, nuclear, and promoted further exploration for further gas and oil energy resources here in Michigan. (It is here BTW – stay tuned as 8 BILLION BBLS are discussed in next year or so according to inside sources)

2.  The MEDC which Granholm has used merely as a promotional banner for herself, should not be used to generate business traveling from one location in the state to another, but for encouraging business to move HERE, or better yet, to assist in entrepreneurial development of new industry and business through guidance on how best to avoid regulatory pitfalls which are ever present.   Pitfalls that are created by michigan government.

3.   Granholm should not have encouraged the legitimacy of the overly aggressive green movement by allowing the Center for Climate Strategies access to develop state policy on global warming, particularly in the face of rising energy cost being a job killer in Michigan.

4.   Granholm should NEVER have promoted, lobbied for, and signed into law the largest tax increase on business the state has ever seen.  In light of the fact small business and income opportunities were already fleeing the state in record numbers, it was irresponsible.

5.   Granholm should not have been pushing for a renewable standard of 25 percent by 2025.  Within a year and a half of this article, it was already obvious we shouldn’t take food off our plates to put it in our tanks. Big oops. (and apologies to the corn farmers, but the issue is bigger than only you.)

6.   Granholm should have IMMEDIATELY removed Kwame Kilpatrick when it became clear there was more to the scandal Detroit taxpayers (And ultimately all of us) were paying millions for.  Political expediency over responsibility to the constituency is shameful.  Her inaction drew dollars from the treasury, and attention to the state in a negative manner when fence sitters deciding between Michigan and Kentucky or Mexico were looking on.

This is not a “see I told you so,” but rather as a “look what history can teach us.”  It is important to recognize the cause and effect of current liberal thought made into action.  There are many who feel that those on the right are “cold” and out of touch with the harsh economic nature of life, and conservatives almost constantly must defend themselves from these claims.  The reality of the benefits personal responsibility brings to the individual, and to society as a whole tend to escape the discussion all to often however, and without the ability to tie it in with real protection by law is a fundamental mistake our leaders make.

An example of how WE as INDIVIDUALS can do far better in the correction of perceived wrongs than government would be when we dislike an establishment, we do not patronize it. Simple huh?  But the truth of the matter, is that our leaders, in order to secure their own careers in government will grow government to “solve” those individual choices.  So here in Michigan, we (our legislature)  explore creating smoke free workplaces, limiting our fuels of choice by mandating industry destroying “renewable standards,” and taking MORE of the FUEL of BUSINESS out of its tank.

Let me be clear.  MICHIGAN is the GREATEST LESSON in HISTORY on who NOT to put in POWER.