No Jobs Left Behind…

Granholm plans to announce today here in Traverse City that the No Worker Left Behind program will put more effort into preparing laid-off workers for alternative energy careers. <Insert Applause here> Sigh…

Whatever happened to free markets? When the chief executive of our state “carves out” $6,000,000.00 for her “Green Jobs Initiative” to promote job training in alternative energy industries including wind, solar and biofuels, she is not really taking a large portion of the budget, but people peeing in a bucket might provide better opportunities for Michigan’s remaining workforce.  The introduction of artificial GOVERNMENT based incentives to join particular lines of work is a flawed solution. And AT BEST it merely allows some companies ALREADY in existence to get a break in their training costs.  ie: “Granholm’s office said that Biotech Agronomics, a Beulah company that converts wastewater sludge into usable materials for agriculture, already has hired five No Worker Left Behind graduates for such jobs”

A POO hauling company which sprays your fertilizer all over the ground to make your food..  mmm yummy!  (and green) oh yeah that IS essentially peeing in a bucket… well kinda

OK, perhaps we shouldn’t complain about the no worker left behind program too much, since Michigan’s portion of the bill is a small part of the 170 million dollar package mostly paid by the federal government… oh yeah wait.. we pay THOSE taxes too..  and also for every other state’s “build a better world,” or “employ my baby sitter after the kids turned 12” programs.

You know I gotta tell you, it is hard keeping up with all this generosity.

Michigan however, has the unique juxtaposition of having a “green” Governor, and the needs of a balanced (NOT GREEN) economy.  While Michigan’s tourism is an important part of the economy, keeping a few hundred thousand manufacturing jobs in the state is far more important. The recent “green” movement has resulted in the loss of many of the highest paying jobs in the state, and along with an unyielding big labor death grip the manufacturers who created those jobs cannot adjust to remain competitive. (think along the lines of a drowning person who kills self and would be savior)

We cannot afford “special programs” for retraining.  We cannot afford any more of the “green” atmosphere which has become so pervasive in recent culture.  With Granholm types in the national legislature, and Granholm types in office in Michigan, there isn’t a job retraining program in the world that can ultimately keep up with them.  there is too TOP HEAVY a government we carry, and if it continues, the REAL job creation might be the ever growing of carrying buckets for the “Roman” elite.

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  1. BrokenGov't
    July 25, 2008 at 11:36 am

    “Prepare laid off workers for alternative energy careers”. Hmmm……. So, what are the careers being specified here? Would it be the technical or engineering careers? Would it be in the windmill or solar array construction fields? Perhaps, expertise in the permiting and regulation fulfillment fields? All of which require much knowledge, expertise from years of schooling. Who will provide this schooling or training for these careers? How long of a period will the entrants have to master such skills on the program? Now a dose of reality. Any employer needing employees to perform the services they require will always look for your “experience” in the position. In today’s business world emploers need folks who can hit the ground running as the cost of the long in-house training is prohibitive at the very least. Once you put your smokescreen mirrored glasses on I bet this money (yours and mine) will be an offset of pay or salary for the new hires. Of course, this is another government welfare subsidy program. Once the subsidy for pay program for an employee runs out you had better be one of the best in the group to maintain that employment as the freebie runs out for the employer. Once again the current Governor is grasping at straws to try and show goals, leadership and “what she’s done for us lately.” This is more a PR marketing scheme for the selling of Michigan as a “green” product/service producer than anything else. Unfortunately, even though this is, at it’s base, a good industry to court, our tax structures and hostile labor/union reputation is very strong and known quite well nationwide. This state can only compete in the “green industries” with low taxes, reduced regulation, right-to-work and the other things that most other states currently have. We are competing with the expertise and skills of “workers from other countries also and they have a large, trained, educated and willing wrok force ready to go. Any engineering, planning or R&D for green business can be done anywhere in the world. Only the physical installation of such programs or equipment requires someone be on-site in the state. Now, having said all this, I “FEEL” much better knowing that the State of Michigan
    is training (how many?) workers for the challenges of being employed in the hundreds of categories that are required in the alternative energy industries. Woo woo! This is a believable benefit program if you are in the ranks of the incurrably ignorant and buy into Administrative Tyranny.

  2. Paul Moore
    July 26, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Cookin’ ethanol ain’t rocket science. If it pays so good, how come every co-op don’t got its own still, ey? Ruleathumb: If da taxpayers gotta subsidize it; it ain’t worth doing.
    And a big howdy from Cross Village, ey!

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